loan1 W2S2 [ləun US loun] n
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old Norse; Origin: lan]
an amount of money that you borrow from a bank etc
loan of
a loan of £60,000
I had to take out a loan to buy my car.
It'll be years before we've paid off the loan .
The organization was allowed to make loans to private businesses.
I'll get a bank loan if necessary.
The average home loan is now almost triple what it was at the beginning of the Eighties.
An interest-free loan fund is available for students who find themselves in unforeseen financial difficulty.
They were unable to keep up with their loan repayments .
2.) [singular]
when you lend something to someone
loan of
Thanks for the loan of your camera.
3.) on loan (from sb/sth)
if something or someone is on loan, they have been borrowed
The book I wanted was out on loan.
paintings on loan from the Louvre
Cantona initially went on loan to Leeds United.
COLLOCATES for sense 1
take out a loan (=borrow money)
repay/pay off/pay back a loan (=give back money you have borrowed)
make a loan American English (=give someone a loan)
bank loan (=money lent by a bank)
car/home loan (=a loan to buy a car etc)
personal loan (=money lent to anindividual )
business loan (=money lent to a business)
student loan (=money lent to students to pay for university)
interest-free loan (=a loan on which you only repay the amount you borrowed)
loan repayment
loan 2
loan2 v [T]
1.) AmE to lend someone something, especially money
loan sb sth
Can you loan me $5?
Jeff's loaned us his car for the weekend.
2.) also loan out
BrE to lend something valuable to someone
The National Library has loaned several manuscripts.
loan sth to sb/sth
Two of the steam trains have been loaned to other railways.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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